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pana in 18 ani, desdtepti, frumosi si puternici!!
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This group includes all the known carnivorous dinosaurs as well as the birds. No obviously adapted herbivores are recognized in the group, but some theropods, notably the toothless oviraptorids and ornithomimids, may well have been relatively omnivorous like today’s ostriches. Mesozoic Era theropods ranged in size from the smallest known adult Mesozoic nonavian dinosaur, the crow-sized Microraptor, up to the ….  Continuare…

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Herrerasaurus flourished at a time just before dinosaurs became the dominant land animals. Its remains help clarify the sequence of anatomic changes that occurred during early dinosaur evolution. It closely resembled the common ancestor of all dinosaurs, and it retained the carnivorous habits and features of predatory animals that were ancestral to dinosaurs and their relatives. ….  Continuare…

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